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Studio Grey: The Essentials

" I don't have anything to wear!" said by every fashionista as she attempts to start her day. We've all made this statement in hopes that something new will magically appear in our closets. Then, reality sets in...don't panic you can always work with what you have. Getting dressed in the morning is just as important as your first meal-that's your fuel to get you through the day. Mmm...there's nothing like a great look with a side of a good hair day. Now that's a combination!

Before I make my debut to the world this winter, I pull out my top 3 essentials: something leather, something knit, and something boot-iful (my personal fave). When shopping for new pieces I look for versatility. Whether I'm going to work, running errands, or a night out on the town these 3 essentials can transition from day to night.

Something Leather

Leather is always a good idea. It's timeless, versatile, and it screams "bad ass." I personally love to layer my looks with a leather moto jacket. I'll even wear my faux leather bottoms if I'm feeling edgy (Style 3 & Style 4) . Don't be afraid to be bold! Add a pop of color to your look. Just because it's winter doesn't mean we have to wear dark and dull colors (Style 1 & Style 2). If you don't own a leather jacket already I suggest that you jot that down on your must-have list. This is a great investment and it will last you years depending on care, of course.

History Lesson:

Leather jackets were invented in the early 1900's by Irving Schott. He created this jacket for the aviators and members of the military in the first World War. Schott's motorcycle jackets were sold for only $5.50 (around $80 present day) at Harley Davidson.

Something Knit

Knit it up! Knit it up! Knit it up! Who doesn't love a great layering piece? Knit doesn't just end at sweaters it can vary from ponchos (style 7), dresses (style 6), bottoms, need I say more? Let's not forget accessories: hats, scarves, socks, etc. These are great layering pieces to get you through winter months and look fabulous doing so. Not only are knits comfortable but can be worn in any setting.

History Lesson:

The earliest known knitted items were found in Egypt dating between the 11th and 14th century. Knitted toe-socks have been recorded to be the first knitted artifact found.

Something Boot-iful

I saved the best for last! A wise woman once said, " give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." She meant thigh-high boots. Thigh-high boots are my number one must have for the winter. They're sexy, edgy, and most of all show stopping. Thigh-high boots are the perfect accessory to top off a simple look. When in doubt wear your thigh-highs.

History Lesson:

Thigh-high boots better known as over-the-knee boots were originally created for men as a riding boot in the 15th century. This was later adopted by women in the 19th century during the Victorian Era. Over-the-knee boots became a trend among prostitutes in London. They wore boots to appeal to the foot fetishists and clients that were into dominatrix. One thing is certain, they are an eye-catcher!

What are your top 3 must-haves this Winter? Comment Below

Get the Look:

Style 1

Jacket: Zara

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Simmi

Style 2

Jacket: Lucky Brand

Dress: Zara

Boots: Simmi

Style 3

Jacket: Shop Fetch

Shirt: SuiStudio

Bottons: River Island

Shoes: Simmi

Style 4

Top: Lulu's

Bottoms: Shop Fetch

Style 5

Bottoms: Forever21

Shoes: Simmi

Style 6

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Style 7

Outerwear: Shop Fetch

Top: Boohoo

Bottoms: Lucky Brand

Style 8

Bottoms: Asos

Shoes: Simmi

Collar: Etsy

Style 9

Outerwear: Thrift Store

Top: Moms old sweater (made into two piece)

Shoes: Simmi

Style 10

Top: Boohoo

Bottoms: Shop Fetch

Shoes: Zara

Fur: Etsy

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