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Free Solo- What makes your heart sing?

What would you do if money was not a concern? What would you do pro bono? What makes time fly in your day?

Recently, I had the opportunity to view the documentary Free Solo....changed my perception of things.


Free solo climbing, also known as Soloing, is a form of free climbing and solo climbing where the climber (or free soloist) performs alone and without using any ropes, harnesses or other protective equipment, relying entirely on his or her ability instead. Unlike in bouldering, soloists typically climb above safe heights, where a fall would always result in serious injury or death. In ordinary free climbing, safety gear is used to protect from falls, although not to assist the ascent.


There are so many times we are presented with the opportunity to do what we love. It just speaks in a small quiet voice. The thought of it can exhilarate and frighten you at the same time. Sometimes we have to feel the fear and do it anyway. Thats what trailblazers do....they jump, leap and don't consider the alternative. It is as if not doing that particular "thing' isn't an option. Remaining safely on the shore of comfort sucks the life out of the dream....thus, their being.

Its when you have a vision of something far greater than yourself....

Take a look back in the vault of life to reflect on individuals who have set the world on fire. In every aspect of life: fashion, music, politics, your home, you name it. We owe it to be thankful for their courage and tenacity. A better tribute would be to take risks and follow our dreams.

On this day, set aside time to give thanks...and, while doing so add to your list those who have and are providing the blueprint for going after what you want...the thing that makes your heart sing...your passion.

In no way is this an exhaustive list....just fill in the space with those you revere.

Lets just say it is a peek into the heart of Fetch. We wanted to share our hearts with you and let you know if we had a picture of you it would be added. We are forever grateful for allowing us to Free Solo. This makes our hearts sing, and the time fly. Not sure that we could do it for nothing (if its possible, we will try it). With sincere appreciation and gratitude we say thank you for supporting our dream.

Remember to always do what's significant and most importantly what makes your heart never know who's watching!!!

Have a Fetchy Thanksgiving!!!

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