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Style Highlight: Let's Talk Fashion With Jarvae

In the fashion world you're either a trendsetter or trend follower. Neither holds more weight than the other, because without one the other wouldn't exist. As I sat down with celebrity stylist Dion Glover b.k.a "Jarvae", I was given the chance to hear his perspective on personal style and some of his experiences styling artists in today's fashion industry.

Jarvae is an Atlanta native who has been in the industry for a little over 7 years. His unorthodox style has lead him to build a celebrity clientele, some of which are your favorite artists. He has styled: Migos, T.I., Ludacris, Akon, K Camp, Jaqueez and August Alsina. His career in fashion began working under his mentor Renaldo Nehemiah where he got his first client Ludacris. From there the possibilities were endless. As he gained more experience, he created the clothing line "Novocaine." His inspiration for Novocaine was triggered by the idea of creating a limited number of exclusive pieces that he would always have access to. Styling and limited access to pieces in short time frames inspired him to create his line. The name "Novacaine" originated from Malcolm X's "Grass Root" speech from 1963. Glover enjoys doing research on the African American culture which has helped shape his style today.

[ Below: The Migos "Ice Tray" video Jarvae styled. I personally love the looks for this video! ]

"Shout out to Jeffrey's" - Jarvae

Because of his avant-garde style I was curious to find out what are his top three essentials he must have before leaving the house. He mentioned: his D Life Sketchers.... "Their the most comfortable shoe I've ever had and, most in-expensive.", a hoodie..."preferably a Novocaine hoodie.", and, a "nice" belt (doesn't have to be designer). His style is inspired by different time periods, preferably the mid 90's (Tupac era).

Before our interview came to a close he shared advice for those who are in or who seek to work in the fashion industry. "Make sure you have good tangible relationships. This business is such short notice, so if you can't deliver in short time frames you're going to be taking some losses." He also let us in on a little secret! Prior to styling, Glover had other dreams of becoming a model as he said, " I always thought that was something I could be good at without trying." He mentioned he would consider modeling in the future as he jokingly referenced himself as an "Old Model".

Make sure you guys check out his collection

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